Sunday, April 11, 2010

#11 A Tie

This is the first tie I've owned since I was a little kid and had a black and yellow striped one for school (um, primary 1-3, kindergarten - grade 2, something like that).

I hated them. I still hate them.

I bought this for a gangster costume last halloween. I tied it with some elaborate knot I found on the internet because I had no idea how to tie one.


  1. Last Halloween I went out as a suit wearing Mexican Wrestler, and totally had to watch internet videos to tie my tie.

    Years ago when I worked at the Duckworth Irving I had to wear a tie as a part of my uniform. Everybody else got a clip-on, but I had the real thing. My first shift I was running late and couldn't get my tie tied.
    I'm running down duckworth with only minutes to spare, and pop in to "Perk-up", which was the coffee shop where the punks and hippies hung out.
    "Quick", I shout. "Does anybody know how to tie a tie?". Well, there was this older British guy there, who says "I do", and proceeds to tie my tie for me. I thank him and run off to work.
    I only worked one shift a week, and the next week I was in the same situation. I mean the exact same situation. A few minutes to go, running down Duckworth, tie undone, run into Perk-up, and shout the same thing.
    Well the same British guy helped me out again, and found it terribly funny. But not as funny as he found it the week after, when he explained to me that he was leaving Newfoundland, to go back to England, and I would have to get by on my own in the future.
    From then on in, I never completely undid my tie. I would just loosen it, so I could take it off and put it back on the next week.

    This is a pretty thrilling blog Matthew.