Monday, May 10, 2010

#40 A Dress

To celebrate the fact that I am going to the Oxford Lindy Exchange this weekend (hurray dancing!) this week I will be posting all of my fancy clothes. (Note: None of my clothes are very fancy.)

First up is a dress, bought from the same Value Village as many other things on this site. I remember going with a friend to buy it and the woman in charge of the changing rooms being a total jerk! So mean. I ended up trying this on in an aisle instead. I am made of classiness. However, I was excited to find a dress that didn't have boob space, those are things I do not have or want.

I sincerely doubt I'll be wearing it this weekend, and I haven't actually worn it that many times as I'm afraid of something happening. But I do wear it to fancy events such as art show openings (where I was once proclaimed "belle of the ball" by some drunk girls). I mostly just think it's funny.

Here is a photo of me wearing the dress to a medical themed goth fetish night.

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